Talent Creating

This Monday's Songwriters Workshop was a break through session for our writers. I saw real learning and new understanding fill the eyes of our performing members as they came face to face with the deeper meaning of their songs and how to better write them. 

They applied songcraft to their songs, clearing away unneeded notes cluttering phrases and letting their melodies breathe.   They saw clearly how "Shrink wrapping" their lyrics, deleting repetitive details made it possible for new, natural images and emotions to enter their songs. 

There's power and freedom in using songcraft, in knowing the critical places where songs gain momentum, to clearly see those places and to then, go about the business of solving writing challenges. Onced you've learned to really listen, the song always tells you what it needs to be finished.  

Here's a shout out to my new friends in the Basic Workshop who are moving onto the Advance Forum next week!  It takes courage to get better, to face an empty page and turn it into a work of art, to write honest, direct, and original songs.  It's empowering to see everyone practicing the art of holding the mirror of song up to eye level so anyone listening clearly sees their life staring back.

Billy Seidman

Founder: Song Arts Academy 03-12-2014