The Next SAA Songwriters Workshop Intensive Starts Monday, January, 13th 2020

Four Consecutive Monday Evenings, Jan. 13, 20, 27, & 02/03

On The UWS From 7-9:30pm / Limited to 15 Writers / Cost: $325.00


PRAISE FOR SAA FROM BMI - SAMANTHA COX, VP of Creative BMI:  "I send all of our promising young songwriters to Billy’s SAA workshop, which gives them a strong foundation and the tools they need to craft a hit song, beyond that, it provides the opportunity to work with a pro who understands the inner workings and struggles writers have within the music business and can explain how to navigate them.”

PRAISE FOR SAA FROM SESAC - JAMIE DOMINGUEZ,  Sr. Director SESAC: “SESAC has been a sponsor of Billy’s Song Arts Academy workshops for several years. The feedback we get from these budding songwriters has always been nothing but positive. Billy seems to have a knack for helping his students look at songwriting through a different lens. They come out with a different perspective and a fresh approach to their craft.


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Join The SAA ADVANCED WRITERS FORUM October, 30th 7-10PM

Come play an original song at the SAA WRITERS FORUM! Whatever song issue you’re experiencing, work out the solution in a deep dive, live critiquing session with SAA Founder Billy Seidman and participating writers.

When: WEDNESDAY, Oct., 30th, / 7pm - 10pm / Limited to 7 Cost: $55.00 Via venmo only to: @Billy-Seidman




“The SAA Writers Forum totally changed how I listen to and write songs.  I loved hearing other's songs and their critiques of mine. It was so helpful and so much fun. Billy’s insight in particular are so helpful. (In both the Forum and Workshop Intensive) I was truly so surprised every time he came up with amazing lyrics so quickly. I went home and told my sister that she wouldn't believe what my teacher was coming up with off the top of his head.” Alexandra G

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The Song Arts Academy Songwriters Workshop Intensive is a proven & unique learning destination for songwriters taught by NYU and New School faculty member Billy Seidman.  It's the only Songwriters Workshop of it's kind supported by all three PRO's:  (Performance Rights Organizations)  ASCAP, BMI & SESAC. 

Songwriters trained in the SAA "Critiquing System" include: Rachel Platten, Bebe Rexha, Grammy Winners; Carlos Escalona; Marc Anthony, and current Grammy Nominee Chris Mcclenney: KHALID - "Location" as well as artists signed to major record labels, The VoiceAmerican Idol contestants, and hundreds of tri-state songwriters, producers , and Artists. 

The Workshop is based on the original BMI Contemporary Workshop Model teaching those who want to write better songs a new vocabulary for how to listen to songs. To achieve this, Song Arts developed a unique critiquing system, giving writers definitive insight into what drives a song and what emotion is literally at its heart. By learning this critiquing system and the song craft/decision-making process of the world's greatest songwriters, workshop participants quickly see new directions in which to take their ideas and apply them to their own songs.

The Workshop Intensive offers a weekly writing assignment designed to "Grow your Ears" and sensitivity.  After 4-5 weeks, you'll understand organically so much more about how the songs you love are constructed, and how to construct your own.


Billy's songs have been recorded and sung by Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Tony winning Artists including; Irene Cara, Vicki Sue Robinson, Evelyn “Champagne” King, and Kevin Kline to name a few.  His songwriting career includes staff positions in both New York and Nashville at RCA music publishing, Warner-Chappell Music Publishing, SONY/ATV Tree Music Publishing/Nashville, Carlin America Music Publishing, and Criterion Music Publishing companies.  He’s worked extensively over the span of his career as a professional studio & touring musician; guitarist, arranger, music producer on countless records, film scores, commercials, and broadway shows. 

Check out his current songs, pitches, & activity here

One of the best career decisions I’ve made. It gave me a road map and a set of tools to use to help me navigate my songwriting. You learn how to put yourself on the listeners side of your own tunes and what you can do to strengthen and finalize your songs.
— Ben Lindvall
I’ve known Billy Seidman for #$@%$$ years. I have been privileged to join Billy and his students for many years at the BMI Songwriters Workshop he chairs. His expertise on the do’s and don’ts, in’s and out’s, and up’s and down’s of the songwriters craft is formidable. And his students always leave the program as better and smarter writers.
— Frank Filipetti; Grammy winning Producer of the Year; JAMES TAYLOR
The class was a revelation, I don’t look at songs the same way any more. it was great to see everybody grow.
— Gabriel Aldort
“ This is essential for any songwriter who is serious in taking their craft to a universal and industry level of success, or even just to improve and master the art. Not only does Billy show you exactly how you can take your song to it’s highest potential, but the class will have you leave with astonishing ideas and new techniques to add to your writers toolkit forever. There is no judgement, as there are beginner to successful songwriters attending and the atmosphere is fun and engaging. You get much more for what you pay for. I highly recommend. You won’t regret it!”

Jay Spirit - Producer/Songwriter
“I am so happy I signed up for Billy’s workshop!
Now I have a framework for analyzing songs the way I would any other literary work. Even after just one week I found myself overhauling my songs and being more strategic about word choice. I also came away from the workshop with new friends and collaborators!”

Shoshana (Shoshi) Yavneh Shattenkirk -Songwriter
“Billy‘s Songwriting workshop really reminds you that in order to be a better songwriter you truly need to be present. The techniques and fundamentals that he goes over really awaken your songwriting muscles. Taking the Advanced Writer’s forum was a no brainer for me. It makes you feel like you’re truly becoming a part of NYC’s songwriting community, while simultaneously learning tons about yourself and meeting new faces you’d never meet otherwise. I’d definitely recommend Billy’s classes to anyone striving to be a great songwriter!”

Chelsea Castillo -Songwriter /Producer
I’ve attended workshops with many of the greats in songwriting including Steve Seskin, Jason Blume, and Hall-of Famer Hugh Prestwood, but there is something about Billy’s content and teaching style that seeped into my psyche automatically. I’m listening to songs differently and writing stronger lyrics after four weeks with Billy, which blows my mind considering I’ve been analyzing hit songs and lyrics regularly for years. I highly recommended his SAA Workshops.
— Gil Polk
“Billy’s SAA workshop really taught me to bridge the gap between the fundamental techniques of songwriting, and the well of experiences and stories that motivate me to write songs in the first place. I no longer feel intimidated and overwhelmed when starting a new piece because I now have the tools and confidence necessary to communicate in such a way that people will listen. I’ve read several songwriting books authored by the likes of Robin Frederick, and Pat Pattison, and although helpful in format and idea, I always felt stunted once faced with the application when sitting down to write. However after attending Billy’s course, a gateway has been opened and I’ve seen improvements in my workflow and overall quality of songs. I highly recommend Billy’s SAA intensive for any budding to experienced songwriter. It will challenge your approach to songwriting for the better.”
— Brittany Clark Fall 2018
Billy Seidman is an amazing mentor, incredible inspiration and talent in the workshop. Can’t say enough good things about it, highly recommend it, check it out!
— JD Duvall
“Billy Seidman and his awesome SongArts Writer’s Forum really opened my eyes to some of the hangups I’d been having in my songwriting. I presented a song I had been writing that meant a lot to me emotionally, but lyrically just couldn’t make clear and concise. Billy and the awesome group of songwriters at the forum really helped me to hone in and focus on what was important and strip away what wasn’t. Listening to and critiquing other songs also really helped to solidify some advanced songwriting concepts, and I definitely feel like a stronger writer overall after attending the SongArts forum. I’d highly recommend it to any song writer who is looking to improve his or her skills, and network with some really great people!”

Danny Schmitz - Producer/Songwriter

Billy Seidman, Songwriting Basic/Advanced

Founder and director of BMI's Contemporary Songwriters Workshop, faculty member of NYU's Steinhart School, Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions. 

Check out Billy's Work

Tabitha Fair, Vocal Training/Performance

Renowned session singer, performer, and artist in her own right, Tabitha currently sings with Sting, James Taylor, and Billy Joel and has performed with artists as far-ranging as Beyoncé, Travis Tritt, Sam Moore, and Mary J Blige. She's a frequent performer on SNL, Jimmy Fallon, The Kennedy Center Honors, and The RR Hall of Fame. 

"If you took the best attributes of Whitney Houston, Chrissie Hynde and Annie Lennox, poured them into a bottle and stirred, you would pour out a sensuous cocktail that could only be called Tabitha Fair." - David Hurst, Show Business Weekly

Check out Tabitha's work


Rick Depofi,  Record Production Contemporary Engineering & Arranging

NY-based record producer Rick Depofi is known for his production, arranging, recording, and mixing work with Grammy winners Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Carly Simon, and Cyndi Lauper. A respected multi-instrumentalist, Rick's NY Noise Production Co. and Studio is a haven for many of the world's top recording artists.


Randy Lee, Commercial Music Production/Composition

Owner and creative director of LIMEBEAT MUSIC, Randy creates original music and sound design for commercials, TV, films, and interactive music placements. This two-time Emmy award-winning songwriter and composer is a punk rock troubadour with a heart of gold!