Lily Virginia 

Once you hear Lily Virginia's music it all makes sense. You can almost hear those bones, feathers, shells - forgotten exoskeletons - scattered throughout her songs. She revealed her debut EP on March 8th, 2014 with a specialized project for each song. Her artistic collaborations  explore the intersections of audio and visuals, the interplay between technology and music and how to bring the extraordinary into the ordinary. Her purpose throughout her songwriting, performance, and projects, is exploring human connection in our modern day lives.




Nafsica was born and raised in a Greek island, Crete and has been relocated in New York since her early childhood. Starting writing her lyrics and music at 14, she expanded her horizons worldwide as she worked with Lis Lewis (vocal coach of Britney,Gwen Stefani among others) and co-writing with writers throughout the world. She has been performing her songs live all around NYC in venues like "Bitter End", "Rockwood Hall", "Toshies" and "Prohobition". Worked as an understudy of leading vocals for the Trans Siberian Orchestra in 2010 and now at 23, Nafsica has attained a college degree in theater, working with her vocal coaches in NYC, Ilana Martin (Vocal Workout) and William Riley (Celine Dion, Katherine McPhee).