The Songwriters Workshop Intensive is based on the BMI Model. The Basic course teaches those who want to write better songs a new vocabulary for how to listen to them. To achieve this, we use a unique critiquing system, giving writers definitive insight into what drives a song and what emotion is literally at its heart. By learning this critiquing system and the songcraft/decision-making process of the world's greatest songwriters, workshop participants quickly see new directions in which to take their ideas and apply them to their own songs.

  • Songcraft Basics: Develop quality lyric writing: Getting an audience quickly involved with your songs / Speeding up your storytelling / Writing dynamic, picture-driven lyrics / Arranging/production techniques
  • Includes: weekly writing assignments that are both challenging and fun, based on strategic lesson plans that increase your sensitivity and ability to "Listen to songs" with greater depth and understanding about the mechanics that make hits/great songs work and how to apply them to your writing
  • The same program taught in BMI's Contemporary Songwriters Workshop
  • Visits from publishing and production professionals and industry attorneys
  • A chance to have your songs critiqued and fine-tuned in a professional and respectful environment
  • The workshop also covers and answers many questions about the realities of today's music business: publishing, collaboration, protecting your music, and much, much more

*After 4-5 weeks, you'll understand organically so much more about how the songs you love are constructed, and how to construct your own!*

The Advanced Writers Forum is for working music pros and graduates of the Basic. It's a forum for continued growth, for networking, collaborating with peers, for road testing songs before recording them, and for finding resources from attorneys, producers, collaborators, musicians, studios, and others. The Forum provides visits from industry wigs, stimulating assignments, and a live show to play songs written during the course.



The Current Schedule


Date: Starts Monday, May 30th 7PM-9:30PM (Runs 5 consecutive Monday nights- cost: $325 for 5 weeks)

For writers who have never participated in the Advanced Writers' Forum,
Please email Billy to set up a call to reserve your place in the Advance.


Start Date: Tuesday, September 19th 7PM-9:30PM
Continues on 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10
Cost: $325

*Member participation is limited to 16; there are no refunds for these courses


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