"One of the best career decisions I've made. It gave me a road map and a set of tools to use to help me navigate my songwriting. You learn how to put yourself on the listeners side of your own tunes and what you can do to strengthen and finalize your songs. - Ben Lindvall

"I've attended workshops with many of the greats in songwriting including Steve Seskin, Jason Blume, and Hall-of Famer Hugh Prestwood, but there is something about Billy's content and teaching style that seeped into my psyche automatically. I'm listening to songs differently and writing stronger lyrics after four weeks with Billy, which blows my mind considering I've been analyzing hit songs and lyrics regularly for years. I highly recommended his SAA Workshops." - Gil Polk 

"I’ve known Billy Seidman for #$@%$$ years. I have been privileged to join Billy and his students for many years at the BMI Songwriters Workshop he chairs. His expertise on the do’s and don’ts, in’s and out’s, and up’s and down’s of the songwriters craft is  formidable. And his students always leave the program as better and smarter writers." - Frank Filipetti; Grammy winning Producer of the Year; JAMES TAYLOR

"Billy is motivating and makes you think. His advice has really made me wanna improve my thought structure and development of the story in my writing." - Nafsica 

"The class was a revelation, I don't look at songs the same way any more. it was great to see everybody grow." -  Gabriel Aldort

"Billy Seidman is an amazing mentor, incredible inspiration and talent in the workshop. Can't say enough good things about it, highly recommend it, check it out!" - JD Duvall