Vocal Training and Performance

Need to work on a particular aspect of your singing or live performance delivery? Want to learn how best to prepare for a live audition, submit a vocal demo to a major TV talent show, sing in a TV commercial or recording session, or learn 10 songs for a gig next weekend? SAA can help you continue your vocal training or ground you in solid practices that will serve you well in your career. 

The 2 1/2 hour weekly program consists of a group vocal warm-up and individualized attention focusing on control, vocal dynamics, song interpretation, learning your vocal range, microphone techniques, tips for sight singing or sight reading, how to group sing, how to work a live stage, and many more aspects of the vocal arts.

The Vocal Training and Performance program runs five weeks, meeting 2 1/2 hours each week.  The cost is $235.00 or $210.00 if you apply early (10% discount) to secure your spot two weeks prior to the start date of a selected course. Apply Here. The current schedule of classes is on our main page, click here. All classes fill up super fast so act now to secure your spot and qualify for the discount.